Kryofit Cold Gel Inserts

Size Guide
  • STAYS COLDER FOR LONGER - The Kryofit Cold Inserts are designed to stay cold for 40-45 minutes! Laser temp gauges show approximately 38° F against the skin when placed in a Kryofit sleeve. The longer the muscles are cold, the more oxygen gets pumped through that area which reduces muscle and joint pain.
  • COLD THERAPY - Reduces swelling and lactic acid build up in the muscles and joints for a quicker recovery. A quicker recovery means less time in between training/playing.
  • INJURY RECOVERY AND PREVENTION - Decrease heat related injuries while increasing athletic performance.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Fits all Kryofit Compression Sleeves including the Full Arm Compression Sleeve, Wrist/Ankle Compression Sleeve, and Bicep/Knee Sleeves.
  • DIRECTIONS - Freeze, Place in Kryofit Sleeves, Wear Sleeves, Train, Repeat.

What’s in the Box:

  • Pair of 2 Kryofit Cold Inserts – for extras and replacements


Why Choose Kryofit:

Sure, ice is "cold". Kryofit Cold Inserts are colder. Much colder. In fact, laser temp gauges show approximately 38 F against the skin when placed in a Kryofit Sport Sleeve! That's cold enough to not damage your skin and maximize cooling against your chosen pulse point. Lower your body temp to raise bar!  Stays cold for over 45 minutes!


  1. Freeze, place in Kyrofit Compression Sleeves
  2. Wear sleeves
  3. Destroy competition
  4. Repeat

Everyone's skin is unique so if it's too cold for you, consider placing the Kryofit Sleeve over another sleeve on a tee shirt or another compression sleeve.

Don't place Cold Inserts directly against the skin –  only use when placed inside Kryofit Sleeves. Use good judgement when using any ice product.

Fits all Kryofit Sleeves. If ruptured, wash skin, and throw away.