All sleeves are unisex and we have sizes for almost any athlete. Simply measure the area where you want to target by using a piece of string, wrap around the area and measure the length.

  • Bicep - For the brachial artery, measure the peak of the un-flexed  bicep.
  • Knee - For the popliteal artery, measure around the knee, just below the knee cap.

  • Wrist - For the radial artery, measure around the wrist where you would wear a watch. 
  • Ankle - For the radial artery, measure around the ankle just above the joint (above the knobs of the ankle). 

I don’t get it. Cold packs and compression sleeves?

The quick answer is this: Your body wastes a ton of energy trying keep you cool. Too much heat causes injuries like heat stroke, heat exhaustion and even death. However, overheating is subjective and a lot of athletes feel terrible if they get too hot and their performance suffers. Before now, there wasn’t a good solution for athlete to compete in the heat.

Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves are designed to target pulse points, fast moving blood flow that’s closest to the surface of the body. Being close to the surface means we can apply heat or cold to literally cool or warm the athlete’s blood safely. By doing so, the athlete is helping their body’s natural temperature regulation system so they don’t have to work as hard to cool themselves. This also has the added benefit of improving athletic performance. Studies show that the energy saved from cooling with methods like Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves, can be diverted to the athlete’s performance! Athletes can exercise safer AND get a performance boost!

How long do the cold packs last?

Typically, athletes are reporting that the cold inserts are still cold for an average of 35-45 minutes depending on how hot the weather is. The hotter the weather, the faster the cold packs warm up.

Can’t I just use ice?

Sure…but ice will be melted and warm in 20 minutes. Most workouts and competitions last longer than 20 minutes and Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves are designed to keep you cool longer. Additionally, our cold inserts are custom made to fit the insulated pockets of the TTS Sleeves so there’s no extra weight, bounce, or leaks.

How cold do the cold packs get?

Laser thermometer tests were conducted against the inside of the sleeves with the cold inserts placed in the pockets. The laser showed that is applied to the skin reached 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it safe on my skin?

Absolutely! The temperatures shouldn’t reach freezing when used properly and so skin shouldn’t be damaged. However, please use commons sense and stop using if the cold becomes painful, unreasonably uncomfortable, or does damage the skin. Placing another layer of material in the pocket between the cold pack and the sleeve will also reduce the amount of cold felt.

Why not just use vests filled with ice packs?

Ice vests are great for very long periods and used often by folks working in hot environments (road construction, factory labor, etc…). However, they are not designed to take the jostling and bounce of athletic movement. The cold vests are heavy, as they have many large ice packs used, and will move freely if worn while moving.

Kryofit Sport TTS sleeves are designed to be used while exercising. The compression material eliminates movement of the cold inserts and are virtually weightless. Each cold back is only 2 ounces!

Is the compression considered “therapeutic” grade?

Most “therapeutic” compression sleeves and apparel utilize a graduated compression design, meaning they contain varying areas of stronger and weaker compression. Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves use uniform compression as it keeps costs down and doesn’t interfere with athletes chosen compression gear. We don’t want to replace the compression gear athletes spend time and money on searching for and testing. Our goal is that Kryofit Sport gear can easily be ADDED to the athletes chosen and required gear without forcing athletes to choose between them.

Why not have it all? Wear what you want, how you want it, AND have added protection from heat injury!

Are we trying to lower core temperature?

NO! Manipulating a person’s core temperature is dangerous and not the focus nor the goal of Kryofit Sport. If a product is claiming to reduce core temperature, please be careful and consult a doctor first.

What about in cold weather?

Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves work great with instant hand warmers! The principles of Kryofit Sport TTS sleeves work to warm or cold. The same pulse points are targets but warmth is applied with instant hand warmers. Dehydration is greatly increased in cold weather and we hope that Kryofit Sport TTS Sleeves can help cold weather athletes maintain hydration better. Additionally, we aim to reduce how much cold gear the athletes has to wear as they now have an efficient and effective manner in which to keep themselves warm without the bulk.

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