FREE Sleeves For Our BEST Customers!

So, you received my text or email and clicked the link! Thank you for checking out this offer. 

This give away is cut and dry: If you want a FREE PAIR OF SLEEVES of any type, simply share with us a quick video and/or pic of you and how you use the sleeves. 


  • Make sure we can hear you! Try to avoid wind that muffles the audio.
  • Make sure we can see you! The sun or lights should light you. If the light is behind you, it creates a dark silhouette and we won't be able to see you.
  • Keep it brief! Concise and to the point is best. Tell others how Kryofit sleeves have helped you, what you use them for, any new creative uses, etc! We love it! 
  • Here are some examples here  
  • LASTLY (and importantly), make sure we KNOW about the video! 

You can text the video or pictures to my cell, upload on Dropbox or Google Drive, upload it to YouTube, it doesn't matter! Make it, get it to us, and you get the FREE SLEEVES! 

No small print, but just know, we will share your submission to help others better understand Kryofit Cold Compression. Good to go?

We cannot wait to see your unique videos and send out your FREE SLEEVES as a Thank You!


Keep Cool & Conquer,

Alan (Inventor & CEO)

609-203-0706 Cell